Working indoors.


After 25 years in environmental, conservation & experiential education, and natural resource conservation and stewardship, and more than 35 years involved professionally in diversity, equity & inclusion in both non- and for-profit sectors, times being what they are, sharing my passion and expertise is my best and most challenging work.

Mediation: current, continuous formal training and experience in the Maine Courts and in private practice. 

Principal, Stefan J. Jackson, coaching local Recreation Department soccer.


My "life-coach" approach empowers you, your team and your organization, working with you where you're at, with what you've got. Not only watching you take steps forward; exploring with you how to make your next steps better; watching those steps, helping you make the next improvements; watching you again, and checking in as you take yourself to where you want to be. I work with you as you apply new awareness and understanding, emerging knowledge, and future information to use new muscle to cross tomorrow's lands and waters. Talk to me today about how I can support your growth, and put you solidly on a route to your success.

Why Me?

If you want or need to be convinced that diversity, equity & inclusion is mission or enterprise critical, please call someone else. If you, your team, and/or your organizations are ready to work or already working on diversity, equity & inclusion, then I am the guide you deserve.

As a Mediator: described as creative, resourceful, talented, and skillful.

Give a call: (207) 749-1628